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Technical indicators are not limited. Hence, here is another indicator with the combination of OBV, RSI, and MACD along with support, and resistance that follows the price while honoring the moving average of 200, 90 & 50.

The default lookback period of this indicator is 21 though it is changeable as per the user's desire.

The highest high and lowest low for the last 21 days lookback period proven to be the perfect Support & Resistance as the price of particular stock values are decided by market psychology. The support and resistance lines are very important to understand the market psychology which is very well proven with price action patterns and the lines are drawn based on,

Lower Extreme = 0.1 (Changeable)

Maximum Range = 21 days highest high - 21 days lowest low.

Support Line = 21 days lowest low + (Maximum Range * Lower Extreme)

Resistance Line = 21 days highest high - (Maximum Range * Lower Extreme)

RSI - Relative strength indicator is very famous to find the market momentum within the range of 0 - 100. Though the lookback period is changeable, the 14 days lookback period is the perfect match as the momentum of market movement for the last 3 weeks will always assist to identify the market regime. Here the momentum is just to highlight the indication (green up arrow under the candle for long and red down arrow above the candle for short) of market movement though it is not very important to consider if the price of the stock respect the support & resistance lines along with volume indicator (* = violet color).

OBV - Momentum:

The on-balance volume is always going indicator on any kind of tickers, which helps to identify the buying interest. Now, applying momentum on OBV with the positive movement for at least two consecutive days gives perfect confirmation for entry. A combination of the price along with this momentum(OBV) in the chart will help us to know the whipsaw in the price.

The Symbol "*" on top of each bar shows the market interest in that particular stock. If your ticker is fundamentally strong then you can see this "*" even when the market falls.


One of the favorites and simple indicators widely used, where the thump of the rule is not to change the length even if it is allowed. It's OK to believe blindly in certain indicator and consider it while trading. That's why the indicator changes the bar color by following the MACD histogram.


It may be the OBV works based on the open price and close price along with volume movement, it is wise to have the volume that is plotted along with price movement that should help you to decide whether the market is greedy or fearful.

The symbol "-" on top of each bar tells you a lot and don't ignore it.

Moving Average:

Moving average is a very good trend indicator as everyone considers seeing along with the price in the chart which is not omitted while we gauge the price movement alone with volume in this indicator. The 200, 90 & 50 MA's are everyone's favorite, and the same is plotted on the chart.

As explained above, the combination of all four indicators with price movement will give us very good confidence to take entry.

Candlestick Pattern:

You should admire the techniques of the candlestick pattern as you navigate the chart from right to left. Though there are a lot of patterns that exist, it is easy to enable and disable to view the signal as the label.

Further, last but not least, the exit always depends on individual conviction and how often the individual watch the price movement, if your conviction is strong then follow the down arrow red indication. If not, then exit with a trailing stop that indicates the bar with orange color.

Happy investing

Note: It is just a combination of multiple indicators and patterns to get one holistic view. So, the credit goes to all wise developers who publically published.

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