MarketSmith Volumes

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The 'MarketSmith Volumes' is to be used with the 'MarketSmith Indicator' and 'EPS & Sales' in order to mimic fully MarketSmith Graphs with the maximum number of indicators allowed by a free Tradingview Plan: 3

This indicator is no more than a simple volume indicator where all parameters are already adjusted to resemble MarketSmith graphical volumes.

Also you will find integrated:

High Volumes Bars Peak:
They allow us to see peak volumes at a glance.

10-Week Average Volume:
When viewing a weekly chart, this line represents a 10-week moving average volume level. It allows you to see if the current Volume Bar of the week is above or under the average volume traded in the past 10 Weeks.

50-Day Average Volume:
When viewing a daily chart, this line represents a 50-day moving average volume level. Whether or not volume is above or below the average for a certain period could have a significant impact on your stock chart analysis.
- Added optional % variation on peak volumes
- Possibility to modify label text color
- Possibility to modify Up/Down Volume Bar Color
- Possibility to modify MA Color
- Recent % variation was missing, corrected
- Last Adjustment regarding last %variation values. Now it should be perfect
- Added an optional label to visualise quickly the current volume and its volume buzz
- Adjusted the description of the label in the parameters
- Organised input parameters
- Added some customisation for users (Label Color, text abel)
- Corrected the display of the current label when truncated
- Corrected units of Labels (K, M, B) now displayed correctly
- Corrected the superposition of historical labels and last bar label when new bars appeared
- Added max label count of 500
- Corrected an error in the code that was causing to display delayed units (K, M, B)
- Volume precision decreased to 1 decimal place
- Now the %chg is displayed in a more discreet way and should be easier to read
- You can now modify the size of the label of the last bar. Thank you @Moneydiver12 for the suggestion on Twitter
- Last bar label changed to a more compact label
- Addition of an optional average $ volume on the label
- Reorganized some entries to make them more compact
- Now displays an optional table with Average Volume, Average $ Volume and U/D Ratio
- Corrected the rounding of the Average Volume
- Added Highest Volume Data (HVE and HV1)
● Highest Volume Ever
● Highest Volume In Over a Year
- Added the possibility of highlighting Low Relative Volume
- Reorganised Inputs
- Added an invisible line featuring the Volume Buzz (% variation) to have it appearing when 'Indicator Values" option is checked


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