Candlestick Plot MTF

Plots the live non-repainting candles for a higher time interval than the chart interval.


  • Configuration of the look and feel of the MTF candles.
  • Live candles update as the price action evolves for the session.
  • Historical candles can be toggled on/off.
  • Includes a moving average ribbon that is also MTF, matching the interval chosen.

Please watch this video to understand more:

  • Improved gap logic.
  • Added Heikin Ashi Candles.
  • Fixed issues with heikin ashi plot.
從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本


Great work on the script! Thanks for making it available. I have one tiny thing that I was trying to add to the script but I'm not the greatest with Pinescript so I've been struggling to add a simple horizontal line at the top of the upper wick and another line at the bottom of the lower wick so I can visually see the MTF candle range better. I've been able to use another script to accomplish what I'm looking for BUT when a new MTF candle is painting the MTF highs/lows the line gets all messed up. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that my other script was done with a Pinescript 3 or before. Any guidance on how I can do this is greatly appreciated!
Hi mortdiggiddy its a fantastic work...
it will be very useful for day trader.I am encountering merging of candles in every 12th candle in 5 min chart
pls check ,and the lines option can be applied to all candles?
Thanks you truly rock. One question on the mt4 m candle indicator it has the range of the higher TF candle posted. Is there anyway to add the range in pips that the higher TF candle is ? Thanks for checking
+1 回覆
@Eddie7232, sure
Eddie7232 mortdiggiddy
@mortdiggiddy, awesome. Thanks glad to find ya, really are one of the real ones out there
Hi Mortdiggiddy, Nice work. Can you take a look at the wick code, since the width is not correct. Historical wicks are too wide
@GeVe, Historical wicks are the width of one candlestick, there is nothing that can be done about this.
Looks easily readable!
Now I can see where the wick happened quick.
Thank you for this inspiring work
Is there any way to get "open", "high" and "low" also as a source for normal candles?
(and not only "close", "hl2", "hlc3", "ohlc4")
mortdiggiddy VirtualJack
@VirtualJack, I'm not sure what you mean.
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