Candlestick Plot MTF

Plots the live non-repainting candles for a higher time interval than the chart interval.


  • Configuration of the look and feel of the MTF candles.
  • Live candles update as the price action evolves for the session.
  • Historical candles can be toggled on/off.
  • Includes a moving average ribbon that is also MTF, matching the interval chosen.

Please watch this video to understand more:

  • Improved gap logic.
  • Added Heikin Ashi Candles.
  • Fixed issues with heikin ashi plot.
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Truly original work—and very gracious of you to make source available. Congrats on both.
+3 回覆
@LucF, idem
Very good job mate and even open-sourced you are a legend.
+2 回覆
mortdiggiddy QuantTherapy
@QuantTherapy, ty, updates added
+1 回覆
Thanks you truly rock. One question on the mt4 m candle indicator it has the range of the higher TF candle posted. Is there anyway to add the range in pips that the higher TF candle is ? Thanks for checking
+1 回覆
mortdiggiddy Eddie7232
@Eddie7232, sure
Eddie7232 mortdiggiddy
@mortdiggiddy, awesome. Thanks glad to find ya, really are one of the real ones out there
Great script!!! Very nicely done! Gr, JD.
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thank you so much
Hello, can you tell me how to fix the issue for 5 minute candle ? after update i think this suddenly occured. error message occurs 5 minute or younger candle . errow shows PINE CANNOT DETERMINE THE REFERENCING LENGH OF SERIES. TRY USING MAX_BARS_BACK IN THE STUDY OR STRATEGY FUNCTION . is there anyway you can tell me how to fix this ? i really like your script for five , 3, 1 min chart
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