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Introducing our new Liquidity Grab Screener! This screener can provide information about the latest liquidity grabs in up to 5 tickers. You can also customize the algorithm that finds the liquidity grabs and the styling of the screener.

Features of the new Liquidity Grab Screener :
  1. Find Latest Liquidity Grabs Accross 5 Tickers
  2. Price, Size, Status Information
  3. Customizable Algoritm / Styling

Liquidity grabs occur when one of the latest pivots has a false breakout. Then, if the wick to body ratio of the bar is higher than 0.5 (can be changed from the settings) a bubble is plotted.

The bubble size is determined by the wick to body ratio of the candle.

This screener then finds liquidity grabs accross 5 different tickers, and shows the latest information about them.

Price -> The price when the liquidity grab happened.

Size -> Size of the liquidity grab, determined by the wick-body ratio.

Status -> Shows the elapsed time of the liquidity grab.

Liquidity grabs can be useful when determining candles that have executed a lot of market orders, and planning your trades accordingly. This screener will find liquidity grabs from up to 5 tickers and give information about their price, size and status. The screener also lets you customize the pivot length and the wick-body ratio for liquidity grabs.

1. Tickers
You can set up to 5 tickers for the screener to scan order blocks here. You can also enable / disable them and set their individual timeframes.

2. General Configuration

Pivot Length -> This setting determines the range of the pivots. This means a candle has to have the highest / lowest wick of the previous X bars and the next X bars to become a high / low pivot.

Wick-Body Ratio -> After a pivot has a false breakout, the wick-body ratio of the latest candle is tested. The resulting ratio must be higher than this setting for it to be considered as a liquidity grab.

Added additional display settings.

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