Litt Tick Internals

The Litt Tick Internals uses the NYSE Cumulative Tick to show traders the number of stocks that are rising vs the number of stocks that are falling on the New York Stock Exchange. The Litt Tick Indicator allows traders to more easily read the TICK Index chart. It does this by showing traders colored tick candles and overbought / oversold areas. Green candles mean that the current TICK trend is UP and Red candles mean that the
current TICK trend is DOWN. Readings that occur in the overbought or oversold areas mean that the market is showing great strength or great weakness. Typically when we get into these zones we can see potential reversals; however, sometimes the strong readings are indicating that a very strong trend is taking place and the trend could continue. That is why it is best to pair this indicator with other tools to enhance its usefulness.

The Litt Tick Interals are meant to be used ONLY small intraday timeframes (1min - 5min) and ONLY on U.S. equities or U.S. equity options. The NYSE TICK index only runs during U.S. Market Hours; therefore, the Litt TICK Internals will only work from 0930-1600 EST.