Eurobond Curve


Dynamically plots 3 no. forward EUROBOND curves. When the curves converge (or worse crossover) there is higher risk of financial uncertainty and potential market correction.
The Eurobond Curves work in a similar way to treasury "yield curve inversion"; except the EUROBOND curves can signal much earlier than Treasuries therefore providing a leading indicator.
The indicator looks the the "near" (next year EUROBOND), "mid" (EUROBOND 2 years out) and "far" (EUROBOND 5 years out) to assess for crossovers.

When the "near" and "mid" curves crossover the "far" curve, concerning economic conditions are developing and it may be a good idea to reduce risk exposure to markets.


The EUROBOND curve crossover events are rare, and this indicator uses data back to 2005 (using approximately 25 TradingView security functions). Given there are relatively few crossover events, the reliability of this indicator should be considered low. Nonetheless, there is decent alignment with treasury yield curve inversions in the 20 year period assessed. Given treasury yield curve inversions have predicted every recession for the last 70 years, we still think the EUROBOND Curves are a useful datapoint to monitor into the future and provide confluence to other risk management strategies.


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