ATR and IV Volatility Table

This is a volatility tool designed to get the daily bottom and top values calculated using a daily ATR and IV values.

ATR values can be calculated directly, however for IV I recommend to take the values from external sources for the asset that you want to trade.

Regarding of the usage, I always recommend to go at the end of the previous close day of the candle(with replay function) or beginning of the daily open candle and get the expected values for movements.

For example for 26April for SPX , we have an ATR of 77 points and the close of the candle was 4296.
So based on ATR for 27 April our TOP is going to be 4296 + 77 , while our BOT is going to be 4296-77

At the same time lets assume the IV for today is going to be around 25% -> this is translated to 25 / (sqrt (252)) = 1.57 aprox
So based on IV our TOP is going to be 4296 + 4296 * 0.0157 , while our BOT is going to be 4296 - 4296 * 0.0157

I found out from my calculations that 80-85% of the times these bot and top points act as an amazing support and resistence points for day trading, so I fully recommend you to start including them into your analysis.

If you have any questions let me know !


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