Key Levels (Time Frames - Weekly,Monthly,Quarterly,Yearly)

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This indicator plots the 4h, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Open High, Low and Mids.
You can watch how these institutional trading levels work as support and resistance.
Most Important you can add alerts to these levels with a few clicks.
Just add/remove unnecessary levels for scaling problems.
For any error/suggestion/improvement just let me know.

New time frame: Previous Daily Open

New alarms: Previous Weekly Mid, Previous Quarterly Mid, Yearly Mid

New labels for time frame intersections like: "DO / WO", "WO / MO"

Time Frames and Abbreviations
"4hO": 4h Open
"P4hH": Previous 4h High
"P4hL": Previous 4h Low
"P4hM": Previous 4h Mid
"MondayH": Monday High
"MondayL": Monday Low
"MondayM": Monday Mid
"DO": Daily Open:
"PDO": Previous Daily Open
"PDH": Previous Daily High
"PDL": Previous Day Low
"PDM": Previous Day Mid
"WO": Weekly Open
"PWO": Previous Weekly Open
"PWH": Previous Weekly High
"PWL": Previous Weekly Low
"PWM": Previous Weekly Mid
"MO": Monthly Open
"PMO": Previous Monthly Open
"PMH": Previous Monthly High
"PML": Previous Monthly Low
"PMM": Previous Monthly Mid
"QO": Quarterly Open
"PQO": Previous Quarterly Open
"PQH": Previous Quarterly High
"PQL": Previous Quarterly Low
"PQM": Previous Quarterly Mid
"YO": Yearly Open
"PYO": Previous Yearly Open
"YH": Yearly High
"YL": Yearly Low
"YM": Yearly Mid
New Alarms: Monday High, Monday Low, Monday Mid, Previous Weekly High, Previous Weekly Low, Previous Monthly High, Previous Monthly Low, Previous Quarterly High, Previous Quarterly Low
Code cleanup.
"Daily Open" color change bug corrected.

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