Scaling The Bull (STB) - Strategy

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This is one of my powerful strategy which I might probably have ever came up. After a lot of backtesting over multiple timeframes and testing different values of the indicator on those multiple timeframes I finally came to a point where this indicator reaches its ultimate goal "Higher Reward Than Risk". The final result is fantastic as you all can see it's trading performance report where the Net Profit floating around 100%+ also within a month! Yes, you heard it right it's a strategy which has been created solely based on 1 minute main timeframe and has done backtest over nearly 1-month historical data where we can see the drawdown % is only 20% while the net profit is 100%+ of the total initial capital which I kept fix around $1,000 (for the purpose of realistic result). Let me aware you all this that I have made this strategy using fixed contract size or we can say unit size which is 50,000 units (or in forex world 5 mini lots) so, every trade executes constantly with 5 mini lots size but you can change this from the strategy setting. I'm doing this all in the sense of leverage trading in the forex market and please don't forget it I made this strategy in first place for forex trading only for now so, I had made the strategy in the sense of leverage trading of '1:100' in the forex market which is why I kept fix contract size or we say unit size. Every trade is executed on 5 mini lots and I also set up a broker commission just to make it nearly like a real trading account report. This strategy has been made by using a famous oscillator indicator Relative Strength Index (RSI) in conjunction with my own tactics. This strategy was build in an AUD denominated account so you can see the calculation are all done in the Aussie currency but everything is changeable from the setting of the strategy which I mentioned above already. This strategy has only been made for AUDUSD on a 1minute main timeframe and it won't work in different pairs or with different timeframes or different strategy settings but you can test if you are lucky you may find for sure. The strategy usage a powerful tactic which is Scaling in the bullish trend. It usages Relative Strength Index (RSI) in conjunction with my own tactic in the calculation to enter or add only a long (buy) position. It doesn't care about the short (sell) position and totally ignores it. It has been created in such a way just to eliminate unnecessary bogus signals and to avoid making multiple directional trades as it might not make more profit but it will also not end up with huge trade reports with many potential losses. Trading in one direction and also scaling in on that certain long direction (in our case long side) is a great feature of this strategy.
Had some improvement and added new feature like stop loss and take profit for risk management. Traders can choose to keep stop loss and take profit levels manually from setting. Input values for Stop Loss and Take profit levels are in tick size so every 10 tick will be equal to 1 pip. 100 tick = 10pip and 200tick = 20pip and so on.

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