Resistance/Support Indicator - Fontiramisu

Indicator showing resistances and support, based on pivots location

When a new pivot location is near from a resistance/support the latter gains weight.

You can modify multiple parameters :
  • Nb Max res/sup : Define the number max res/sup to keep in our res/sup history array. The greater it is the older bar index will be taken.
  • Nb show res/sup : Define the number of res/sup to be drawn.
  • Min weight shown : Define min res/sup weight to be shown. Weight is used to measure strengh of res/sup.
  • % range stack : Define price percentage change required to stack a pivot into an existing res/sup. Default is 0.015 = 1.5%.

Pivots are calculated with deviation parameter to validate with more precision.

Fontilab Library is used to code this indicator.
  • Added table display functionality: you can now see the weight of your top res/sup in the bottom right corner.
  • The calculation has changed a little to avoid multiple res/sup at the same price.
  • Default parameters changed to be more relevant but you are encouraged to find the most effective combo.
  • Bug fix.
發布通知: Bug Fix
  • Bug Fix
  • Change line style

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