3 MA w price slope

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The MA is indicating historical cost on the market.
This script will help you observe MA with price and slope.

This stript is inspired by LEI & LoneCapital.
All thanks to LEI.
發布通知: 1.reduce the price label to 2 digital
2.add M strategy (enable it in the setting)
3.add credit
發布通知: 1.Delete unused part
2.Add arrow for the slope,
If Deduction price higher than close then arrow aim to Deduction price.
If close is higher than Deduction price then arrow aim to close.
Enable it in the setting.
發布通知: 1. short term long/short trend (Barcolor) condition updated
2. add mid/long term trend background-color (depends on EMA), more light = stronger long, more dark = stronger short
3. add more condition (preparation for the backtesting strategy)

Please support, the strategy version for backtesting will come soon...
發布通知: Update with below changes

1. add historical close price trail for MA trend forecast, it is suggested to hide the ticket K chart when using it.
It will show the close price from past 120 days to past 60 days, from past 60 days to past 20 days, from past 20 days to pervious days,

2. adjust default Gray background-color to distinguish with the gray barcolor
發布通知: Update with below function

1. show the Deduction price forecast in the coming dyas
發布通知: Bugfix,
now the deduction price dot will only show one dot in the reply mode
發布通知: Bug fix
發布通知: Update Bar color logic
發布通知: Add indicator for high volume notification.

Black Lable = short term high volume (default = 20 days)
Blue Lable = middle term high volume (default = 60 days)
Blue Lable = Long term high volume (default = 120 days)
發布通知: Change the method for the high volume indicator
old: new high volume in last x/y/z days
new: current volume is higher than percentile of volume in last x/y/z days

In case that volume keeps high for a few certain days, it will not ignore the following days which keeps high.

If you like the old way which uses the new high volume record, please switch to v10.
發布通知: 1. Change indicator name
2. make source data switchable
3. Forecast of SMA in the coming 14 days !!!!!!
It works as below:
At first, assume the price in the coming days will keep the same change rate comparing to the current price.
For example, every day increase 5% , or every day decrease 5% , also you can assume change rate as 0, that means you think the price will keep same as current price.
The indicator will tell you how the 3 SMA move in the coming days based on your assumption.

Enjoy it.
發布通知: minor update:

change the interval of assumed price chg rate from % to ‰
發布通知: add color fill ema (conditional)
cut the 14th-day forecast, since too much output parameter. (65 is up limit)
發布通知: Add new function.

Now it is possible to show the angle number from 3 deduction price.
It is based on the absolute price scale, not log scale.
If you use log scale view, the number will not like you feel.
20 days price increase 100% is defined as 90 degree.

Please enjoy.
發布通知: fix a minor bug.

Fix a formula mistake.
Now 90 degree is defined as a price increase of 100% in 25 days.
發布通知: Thank you so much for your support and like.
This script will stop updating since 2020 Jan 22.
We are moving to a new account named with TradiKator.
Please visit TradiKator for the new version of this script.
Sincerely Seedof
發布通知: "This is old version which stop update!!
Please search new user name for the new version!!
New user name:

You can still use this old version, all feature is still functional.
But it will be hidden by default setting.
If you like to use this old version please change the setting , enable it by yourself.

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