MultiType Shifting Predictive Moving Averages (MA) Crossover

Just 2 Moving Averages with adjustable settings and shifting capability, plus signals and predicting continuations.
At the time of publish these different types of MAs are supported:

- SMA (Simple)
- EMA (Exponential)
- DEMA (Double Exponential)
- TEMA (Triple Exponential)
- RMA (Adjusted Exponential)
- WMA (Weighted)
- VWMA ( Volume Weighted)
- SWMA (Symmetrically Weighted)
- HMA (Hull)

I'm looking forward to any idea about filtering the signals. Thanks.
發布通知: Added support for 2 other types of MA:
- LSMA (Least Squares)
- TMA (Triangular)
發布通知: - Fixed bugs
- Now shifting will be applied in crosses
發布通知: Screenshot corrected!
發布通知: Fixed some small bugs!
發布通知: Major Update!
- Added support for 2 new types of MA:
12. MAEMA which is my "Momentum Adjusted EMA" indicator
13. VMA which is a customized Variable Index Dynamic Average (Original VIDYA is made by Tushar Chande)
- Added MA coloring and filling based on the trend
- Added the ability to change MAs thickness
- Made negative shifting possible due to many users request
- Fixed a bug related to prediction tails which would happen in case of setting MA lengths less than 4
發布通知: - Made signals to shift with the fast MA (per a user request)
Note that in case of unequal shifts of the fast MA and the slow MA, the signals may not be accurate.
發布通知: - Added alert conditions as many users requested
The next step for the users is to set up their alerts manually (
發布通知: - Made some tweaks to the options
- Added an option to show range bands around MAs based on ATR
發布通知: - Organized indicator settings
- Added an option to generate bands using standard deviation instead of ATR
發布通知: ATR and Standard Deviation multipliers now accept float numbers in the settings.
發布通知: Made some setting inputs more organized.




Great indicator, can you add an alert for each time there is a crossover ?
@Mikey20, Thanks. Maybe in near future. By the way you could do that by adding these lines to the script if you are interested:

alertcondition(up, title = "Up", message = "Up")
alertcondition(down, title = "Down", message = "Down")
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visible2me informanerd
@informanerd, sure thanks appriecated.
So each time they cross it would send my trading view/mobile an alert correct ?

Where do I add the code ? Sorry I’m a newbie ...
Mikey20 informanerd
@informanerd, cheers how do I add the alert codes ?
@Mikey20, Copy the script code and paste (replace) it into Pine Editor (It's below your Tradingview chart window).
Then add mentioned lines at the end of the code, and finally click "Add to chart" button (At top-right of the mini window). Make sure you remove the old indicator from the chart before add this one.
The last step is to make your alerts in Tradingview using "Alerts" button (Right toolbar of your chart window).
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Mikey20 informanerd
@informanerd, will give it a try... if you can design a new version of this one you have with an option built in to track via your mobile or pc MA Crosses on a pair ... I think it would be worth it’s weight in gold ... thanks again chap ... amazing work
@Mikey20, Sure you could follow me to track any changes.
fcuking great indicator buddy! .thank you
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