Intraday Super Sectors

Motivated by Cody to finish what I'd started ...

This indicator plots the two 'Super Sectors' (Cyclical and Defensive) intraday change, viz-a-viz SPX price

* for convenience, it uses the ETF's, rather than the actual sectors. This might make it 0.0001% inaccurate.

For reference:

Defensive Sectors:
XLE Energy (not always considered a true defensive sector, but I've thrown it in here for balance)
XLP Consumer Staples
XLU Utilities
XLV Health Care

Cyclical Sectors:
XLB Materials
XLC Communication Services
XLF Financials
XLI Industrials
XLK Information Technology
XLRE Real Estate
XLY Consumer Discretionary

Why the (soft) red/green cloud?

Well, the theory says is that if the Cyclical Sector is down, while the Defensive Sector is up, this isn't exactly bullish (so a soft red cloud), or if Defensive Stocks are down, while Cyclical Stocks are up, this is perhaps bullish .

Of course, if SPX is down 10%, with Defensive Stocks down 20%, and Cyclical Stocks down 5%, you might get a green cloud, but it ain't exactly a bullish sign

發布通知: New Features!

* User can choose whether a sector is 'Cyclical' or 'Defensive'
* User can display spaghetti, if they really want!

Minor Bug Fix
* Small (display-related only) value fix
發布通知: Updated to cater for main charts that show trading hours outside the regular cash session (e.g. ES1!)

If you're just displaying SPX, no need to change these sessions

If you're displaying extended hours, please change the settings:
a) 'Extended Hours'
b) Is it Summer Time (daylight savings) or Winter Time?

Outside of the cash session, the indicator is dormant (don't worry - it'll come to life at 09:30!)

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