Auto Fibonacci Combo

A combination of Fibonacci indicators including:

1- Moving Auto-calculated Fibo Retracement Levels
2- Dynamic Auto-calculated Fibo Extension Levels
3- Adjustable Auto-calculated Fibo Time Zones
4- ّFlexible Fibo Moving Averages Ribbon

The ribbon consists of 10 moving averages of selected source for different Fibonacci numbers count of bars which could be colorized for a better trend observation. Also the type of the moving averages could be picked up from 6 different types which are:
- SMA (Simple Moving Average)
- EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
- HMA (Hull Moving Average)
- LSMA (Least Squares Moving Average)
- TMA (Triangular Moving Average)
- MAEMA (My Personalized Momentum Adjusted EMA)

I think the latter one makes a nice conjunction with Fibonacci retracements.
Feel free to test the set and send me your thoughts.

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