Custom FIBO

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This script shows 3 Donchian Channel 78.6% and 21.4% intermediary level lines to perform trade analysis. Besides those 6 lines it also optionally shows Fibonacci's retracements with 100%, 127%, 162%, 200% and 262% for one of the Donchian channels.

The 3 Donchian Channels used have default lengths 72, 305 and 1292, calculated after the first length default value of 72. For each of the 3 Donchian Channels only an upper line, set by default at 78.6%, is plotted in green and its complement, set to 21.4%, is plotted in red. When the closing price is above 3 green lines, we say it is Forbidden to Sell ( PV ), and when the closing price is below 3 red lines, we say it is Forbidden to Buy ( PC ). Those conditions are flagged on the chart. These PV-PC conditions were, up to my knowledge, first proposed by Bo Williams.

Fibonacci's retracements are show for the Donchian Channel with length 72 by default, but it can be changed to any length. They are colored as fuchsia (100%), blue (127%), orange (162%), yellow (200%) and navy (262%).

This update just fixes a line title message.
This update just restores the option to hide standard PVPC lines for the case where this indicator is use together with another one that already shows these lines.

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