Daily Gaps & Trapped Positions

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This script builds substantially upon the default Gaps script provided by Tradingview. Functionality was added to allow users to decide what price from the previous session is used to determine a daily gap, added support for showing gaps across all timeframes up to the daily time frame, and also allow gaps to be shown even with ETH enabled on the chart. This script provides support across normal securities, futures, and also crypto.

Users can decide between the following selections to determine if a daily gap has formed:
- Previous Session Close
- Previous Session High/Low
- Last RTH Candle High/Low

The other larger piece that was added is something called trapped positions or what some folks familiar with Market Profile would call "single prints". They could also be considered FVGs but they are a specific subset of FVGs as these must from above or below the current session's high/low.

Single prints form above or below a current session's high/low and can be considered an area where price has moved too fast in that area and price will most likely return to these areas at a later point in time. In some teachings, these are also looked at as "trapped shorts" (lighter blue box color) or "trapped supply" (yellow orange box color) which creates an area where there will be potential support (trapped shorts) or resistance (trapped supply) when this area is revisited in the future. Adding these to your chart will simply provide additional areas of interest where you may see buying or selling.

Both gaps and trapped positions have the following options:
- Show only active gaps/trapped positions. Selecting this will only show areas where price has not completely traded through the box.
- Close gaps/trapped positions partially. If this is selected, it will reduce the box size as price is traded through the area. If it is not selected, the box will only disappear once price has traded through the entire box completely.

There are some additional settings that allow you to tailor how many boxes show up on the chart. These settings are as follows:
- Max number of boxes. This setting will only plot up to this number of gaps/trapped positions.
- Minimum Deviation. This will prevent gaps/trapped positions from showing if they are too small relative to average across that last 14 periods.
- Limit Max Box Trail Length (bars). If checkbox is selected, the box will stop being extended after X number of bars given in this input.
- Changes "Trapped Supply" to "Trapped Longs" to reduce confusion

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