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Dynamic ADX by The Pine Guru

What is the Dynamic ADX?
The Dynamic ADX is an indicator created using the regular ADX , Line, and additional ADX Moving Average. This MA allows the script to calculate the ADX differently to the original ADX , providing greater input and accessibility to the user. As the ADX is a volatility indicator, it is communicates to trend strength in the markets. The Dynamic ADX displays these trending Periods through user controlled visualizers like Fills, Background Color, and Bar Color.

How do I use the Dynamic ADX?
This indicator has 4 different "versions" or "conditions" in which it displays trend strength. These are achieved by checking and unchecking ADX , ADX MA and Line. Different combinations of these 3 inputs will result in a change of true condition that the script outputs.
Dynamic ADX Achieved by checking the ADX and ADX MA, results in an ADX similar to an MA Crossover, with the ADX being over the MA indicating a true or strong trend condition.
Regular ADX Achieved by Checking the ADX and Line. Results in the regular calculation of the ADX .
Mixture Achieved by Checking all three sections, which results in the calculation a normal ADX as well as the MA. Provides and extra condition or confluence into the ADX .
MA and Line Achieved by checking the ADX MA and Line. Results in a similar calculation to an original ADX but with a smoother MA.

This indicator will work typically in all markets with high volume and volatility . It is recommended that it is used as a confluence in a trading system, and not as an outright indicator. As always do your own testing before live use with this indicator. Do your own Research and refinements.

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