Dynamic Messages & Easy Screener

1. Dynamic Message alerts with a Screener function
2. labels are generated using array strings making it easier to customize
3. Alert messages have well defined output with data variables
4. Traders with limited Pine knowledge can also plugin their functions
5. Closely track the alerts with Easy Screener
6. Attach it to the desired chart for alert periodicity and set resolution to the indicator setup
7. OHLC values for scanned securities also extracted for ready use in any indicator or study

Happy Trading and rest your sore eyes with Easy Screener!!
Enjoy TV on the GO!




Can we make a pivot crossover screener .

close < R1 pivot
Close < pivot point

Like wise in different boxes
Thank you for this, so once we plug in our "function/indicator script" this will allow us to place it on a chart and add push notifications from an alert?
sharaaU7 gottatradeit
@gottatradeit, of course you will get the alerts on the TV app based on chart periodicity 5min/10min...etc etc.. let me know if you face any difficulties!