Daily/Weekly Extremes

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This indicator calculates the daily and weekly +-1 standard deviation of the S&P 500 based on 2 methodologies:

1. VIX - Using the market's expectation of forward volatility, one can calculate the daily expectation by dividing the VIX by the square root of 252 (the number of trading days in a year) - also know as the "rule of 16." Similarly, dividing by the square root of 50 will give you the weekly expected range based on the VIX.

2. ATR - We also provide expected weekly and daily ranges based on 5 day/week ATR.

- This indicator only has 1 option in the settings: choosing the ATR (default) or the VIX to plot the +-1 standard deviation range.
- This indicator WILL ONLY display these ranges if you are looking at the SPX or ES futures. The ranges will not be displayed if you are looking at any other symbols
- The boundaries displayed on the chart should not be used on their own as bounce/reject levels. They are simply to provide a frame of reference as to where price is trading with respect to the market's implied expectations. It can be used as an indicator to look for signs of reversals on the tape.
- Daily and Weekly extremes are plotted on all time frames (even on lower time frames).
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