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This was a follower suggested script. This script shows an example of how to create a custom alert message using the alertcondition() function in pine.

- Well documented code with links to documentation for specific functions.
- Two alertconditions in a different order than the plots they reference to show the importance of plot IDs.

In order to actually get an alert with this script, you must create an alert through TradingView and reference this indicator and then reference the specific alert condition you want that alert to use.

For more information, contact me on social media or check YouTube for the associated video.

*** DISCLAIMER: For educational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this content should be interpreted as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment including all types of crypto. DYOR, TYOB. ***
I added some comments.
Update to include examples of referencing plot values by their name instead of their ID. With this method, you shouldn't have to worry about what order you plot data to reference later. Details in the script comments.

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