Price Clouds (PS)

Price could shows you dynamic support resistance levels. It also displays two bands ( ie clouds) that show you where the trend is. If the price hits the bottom of the high band thats a buy and if it hits the top of the high band its a sell. During times of volatility the price can break support but you will find that the opposite band will work as the next level. I added tool tips for every option to help explain what everything does and I also left suggestions for other settings.

This works great on everything! That being said I have this setup in a general way that works really well for 20m forex. If you are scalping you might want to speed up the indicator. This is also true if you want go to the daily chart or above. Adjust the Stdev to match the market.. and I mean really play around with.. dont be shy! With all that out of the way this really will work out of the box. If you like this indicator its actually the same thing as my ( PBS ) but this one is an overlay on the chart. (Also as of publishing this script the code for this version is way cleaner. In fact I plan on replacing PBS with this as its base)

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發布通知: Quick fix on the chart
發布通知: chart should be fixed for real
發布通知: tool tip update
發布通知: Major update that over doubles the power of the study. Twice the lines making the clouds work way better. 6 ma's where added: TMA, WMA, HALMA, SMMA, VWMA, and GMA.
發布通知: tool tip update
發布通知: quick fix with input order lol
發布通知: Fixed input order (now that its not the middle of the "next morning" lol)
發布通知: Added mean line and background.
發布通知: Actually fixed input order. Updated tool tips. Added KAMA and fixed Smoothed Moving Average "smma". Updated default setting. Updated bg colours.
發布通知: oscillator version found here
發布通知: Greatly improved controls.
發布通知: chart
發布通知: Thank you
發布通知: Redone from the ground up. Added Geometric STDV.
發布通知: mild update
發布通知: removed a broken ma
發布通知: I should go to bed before updating lol
發布通知: this should be a stable release now

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