Zig-Zag Volume Profile (Bull vs. Bear) [Kioseff Trading]

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Thank you @Pinecoders and @TradingView for putting polylines in production and making this viable!!

This script "Zig Zag Volume Profile" implements the polyline feature for Pine Script!


  • Volume Profile anchored to zig zag trends
  • Bull vs Bear profiles!
  • Delta x price level
  • Standard POC and value area lines, in addition to separated POCs and value area lines for bull profiles and bear profiles
  • Up to 9999 profile rows per zigzag trend
  • Stylistic options for profiles
  • Configurable zig zag - profiles generated for small to large trends
  • Polylines!

This script generates Bull vs. Bear volume profiles for zig zag trends!

The zigzag indicator is configurable as normal; minor and major trend volume profiles are calculable. This indicator can be thought of as "Volume Profile/Delta for Trends''.

Up to 9999 volume profile levels (price levels) can be calculated for each profile, thanks to the new polyline feature, allowing for less aggregation / more precision of volume at price and volume delta.

Zig Zag Bull Vs Bear Profiles

The image above shows primary functionality!

Green profiles = buying volume
Red profiles = selling volume

Profiles are generated for each trend identified by the zigzag indicator.

The image above shows the indicator calculating volume delta for specific price blocks on the profile. Aggregate volume delta for the identified trend is displayed over the profile!

The image above shows Bull Profile POC lines and value area lines. Bear Profile POC lines and value area lines are also shown!

All colors and transparencies are configurable to the user's liking :D

Additionally, you can select to have the profiles drawn on contrasting sides. Bull Profile on left and Bear Profile on right.

For a more traditional look - you can select to draw the Bull & Bear profiles on the same x-point.

The indicator is robust enough to calculate on "long zig zags" and "short zig zags"; curved profiles can also be used!

The image above exemplifies usage of the indicator!

Bull & Bear volume profiles are calculated for trends on the 30-second timeframe.

The image above shows a more "utilitarian" presentation of the profiles. Once more, line and linefill colors/transparencies are all customizable; the indicator can look however you would like it to!

The image above shows key levels, the Bull vs. Bear profile, and volume delta for the current trend!

That's about it :D

This indicator is part of a series titled "Bull vs. Bear" - a suite of profile-like indicators I will be releasing over coming days. Thanks for checking this out!

Of course, a big thank you to @RicardoSantos for his MathOperator library that I use in every script.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

Minor update to live calculation - now includes the starting bar of recent trend
Visualization bug fix

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