T3 Oscillator

TL;DR - An Oscillator based on T3 moving average

The T3 moving average is a well known moving average created by Tim TIllson. Oscillator values are created by using the simple formula "source (close by default) - T3 moving average". Tim Tillson used a "volume factor" of 0.7 in his original T3 calculation. I changed this value to 0.618 and added the option to change it if needed/wanted. I also added alarms for zero line crossing upwards and downward, a smoothing option and custom time frames.

Compared to other oscillators like TSI, MACD etc. I observed better signals, especially in trending market situations, from the T3 oscillator (I tested Forex and Crypto).

Usage is simple: If the oscillator is above 0 it indicates a bearish trend. If below 0 it indicates a bullish trend. -> Really simple to use. However it can also be used to determine micro trends and reversals when combined with price action analysis. To keeps things simple I have not added a moving average like many other oscillators because I think it is confusing and does not help (in this particular case).

P.S. I haven't found a T3 oscillator on Trading View. Code is free - do whatever you want with it ;)


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