Sync Frame (MTF Charts) [Kioseff Trading]

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This indicator "Sync Frame" displays various lower timeframe charts for the asset on your screen!

  • 5 lower timeframe candle charts shown
  • Timeframes auto-calculated using the new timeframe.from_seconds() function
  • Heikin-Ashi candles available
  • Baseline chart type available
  • Dynamic Scaling for ease of use
  • User customizable timeframes

Simple script (:

The image above shows the baseline chart type.

Time image above shows a traditional candlestick chart.

The image above shows a hekin-ashi chart.

The image above shows the indicator when nearly zoomed in as much as possible. The lower timeframe charts adjust to my chart positioning.

The image above shows my screen fully zoomed out; the lower timeframe charts adjust in both height and width to accommodate my chart positioning!

Thank you for checking this out (:

Fixed a few bugs!

Thank you @Bjorgum for noticing them!
Bug fix: timeframe 4 is now independent of timeframe 5.

Thank you @Mindspirit for noticing it :D

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