Predictive Trend and Structure (Expo)

The Predictive Trend and Structure indicator is designed for traders seeking to identify future trend directions and interruptions in trend continuation. This indicator is unique because it employs standard deviation to predict upcoming trend directions and potential trend continuation levels. This enables traders to stay ahead of the market.

How It Works
This indicator primarily functions based on the calculated standard deviation of the trend over a specified period. It evaluates the trend direction by comparing the current trend value to its previous one and scales the standard deviation, allowing for adjustments in sensitivity to price fluctuations.

How to Use
You can easily identify when a future trend begins by observing where the trend level is displayed. If the price breaks above and remains above the trend, it indicates a bullish trend. Conversely, if the price breaks below and stays below, it signifies a bearish trend.

Support and Resistance
With the Predictive Structure enabled, the indicator aids in identifying potential support and resistance levels.

Trend Continuation Break
Trend continuation breaks occur when prices breaks support or resistance, indicating the existing trend may persist. The indicator plots these levels in advance, allowing traders to quickly identify where trend continuation might occur.

  • Period for Std Dev: Determines the number of periods used for the standard deviation calculation, impacting the indicator's sensitivity to price changes.
  • Standard Deviation Scaler: Scales the computed standard deviation, affecting the deviations needed to confirm trends and the indicator's focus on significant trend changes.
  • Predictive Structure: Enables or disables the prediction of market structures like potential levels of structure breaks/trend continuation breaks.


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