Previous Day Week Highs & Lows

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This script plots the previous n day and week highs and lows (previous two days and previous week by default).

Here are some additional info about the script behavior:
  • Plots highs and/or lows
  • Plots for days and/or weeks
  • Day highs and lows are shown only on intraday timeframes
  • Week highs and lows are shown only on timeframes < weekly
  • Add previous month(s) high(s) and low(s)
  • Minor fixes and improvements
發布通知: v3.0

The update brings a complete rewrite of the indicator from plots to lines. This implementation allows the introduction of two new optional improvements:

  • Enable projecting the lines on the right side
  • Highlight the recency of highs and lows

Pine Script programmer for hire.

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