Ultimate Pullback Strategy

What is the Ultimate Pullback Strategy?

This strategy script is based on my Ultimate Pullback Indicator which detects pullback trading opportunities by analyzing price action in a very specific manner.

By combining simple trend filters with various advanced candlestick patterns it detects high-probability trend-continuation setups (and optional exits).

If you use this script to set alerts then you will never miss a pullback trading opportunity ever again!

I personally use this indicator to profitably trade pullback signals in the forex markets on multiple timeframes, from the 15-Minute chart to the 4-Hour and Daily chart .

Note: This strategy companion script is only available for subscribers of The Ultimate Pullback Indicator.
發布通知: Fixed ATR multiplier not working.
發布通知: -
- Updated strategy script to match latest indicator script
發布通知: -
- Fixed max rejection wick size setting bug
- Added option to ignore long or short setups
發布通知: -
- Added option to change Moving Average types
發布通知: -
- Fixed "Exit Reasons + Target" Bug
- Added "DEMA" Option
- Added Fixed Pip SL Option

I've also added a new setting - R:R To Trigger Exit.

Basically it works like this (for example) - if you set your regular R:R Target to 2:1, you set your Break-Even target to 1.5:1, and you set your R:R To Trigger Exit to 1:1, the script will perform like this:

- If price hits your stop loss it will be stopped out as per usual
- If price hits 1:1 it will begin searching for your selected exit reason(s)
- If price hits 1.5:1 it will move the theoretical stop loss to break-even
- If price hits 2:1 it will exit your trade for a profit regardless of the exit reason(s)

If you set R:R To Exit Trade to 0 it will disable that setting (it's disabled by default), and the script will only begin searching for an exit reason when your standard R:R under the Stops & Targets section is hit.
發布通知: -
- A few bug fixes and minor improvements
- Added a whole bunch of alert customization for 3rd party APIs
發布通知: - Added MA slope filter (won't take trades if MA has flattened)
- Added time-based filter (won't take trades during given time of day)
發布通知: -
- Improved hammers & shooting stars detection
- Added start date filter
- Separated all the various alert conditions
發布通知: -
- Better organized settings menu using latest Pine features
- Added trailing stop source option (high/low, close, open)
- Doji's are now detected based on % of bar size, not pips
- Removed slope filter as it wasn't working as intended
- Removed Stats Label as it has a display bug on the strategy version of this script for some reason
- Removed individual alert options from settings menu (they're now all listed under alert dialog)
- Added complete in-built AutoView automation functionality

To use AutoView alerts, make sure to set up the appropriate settings and then create an alert using "Any alert() function call". The script will then automate trade management based on however you've set up the script to behave.

For help with this, search "The Art Of Trading AutoView Guide" on YouTube. Enjoy :)
發布通知: UPS Update:
- Many minor fixes:
- Removed deprecated transp parameters
- Fixed "1234567" on time function (to include weekends in time filter)
- Fixed some out-of-scope function call warnings
- Added AutoView Disclaimer
- Added minimum hammer size compared to ATR to prevent detecting tiny hammers & stars
- Added lowest low/highest high lookback to hammers & stars
- Added option to round SL pips to remove decimals (on by default)
- Fixed SL label drawing over the top of Win label if both target & SL are hit on the same bar
- Removed "overwrite new trades" setting as it is not relevant for this script
發布通知: -
- Fixed minor mistake with trade label text
發布通知: -
- Fixed minor bug where script would take trades when ATR was null
發布通知: -
- Released v3.0 of the UPI.
- Updated code to v5 of Pine Script.
- Improved pullback detection accuracy.
- Added PineConnector functionality for auto-trading.
- Updated course material to better explain how to use this script to trade profitably (including my personal strategy rules).
- A few other minor changes - check out the settings guide on my website or YouTube channel (link in my profile).
發布通知: - Fixed some typos in settings & removed some code that wasn't used
發布通知: - Fixed a potential bug with automation code
發布通知: - Fixed time session filter bug
發布通知: - Fixed bug with AutoView code which caused long position sizes to be calculated incorrectly
發布通知: - Improved pullback detection accuracy slightly
發布通知: - Updated code to work with AutoView changes to break-even functionality
發布通知: - v3.04
- Temporarily added max_bars_back=5000 parameter to attempt to hotfix issue with "Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series" until I find the culprit variable
- Added warning labels for trades that hit their take-profit AND stop-loss on the same bar (outcome requires manual confirmation)
發布通知: -
- Updated ZenLibrary to v3
- Added option to select pips or price value for PineConnector entry limit order
- Added option to select pips or price value for PineConnector stops & targets
- Added debug option to display AutoView/PineConnector alert string
發布通知: v3.06:
- Updated ZenLibrary to v5
- Updated code to be compatible with new PineConnector syntax
- Updated trailing stop to work with pips as well as price with PineConnector
- Added Spread Filter setting
- Added EAP SL Algorithm #2
- Truncated decimals on debug label for TP & SL price values
發布通知: -
- Fixed time filter not working properly
- Removed 'when' statements which are now deprecated
發布通知: Added Stop Loss price source option (allows you to specify what price to use for calculating your stop loss - eg. high/low, open or close).

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