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Presenting Squeeze Range: Bollinger Bands / Keltner Channels
TTMSqueeze method is a volatility and momentum indicator introduced by John Carter of Simpler Trading, which capitalizes on the tendency for price to break out strongly after consolidating in a tight trading range.
How did I make this indicator? The Bollinger Bands & Keltner Channels base scripts are from the standard indicators of their class in the Technicals section... I made this indicator first then noticed there were 3 others with a similar concept, but this differs in it's unique features and application of the TTMSqueeze strategy. This indicator plots the True Range of the Keltner Channel (Customizable in 'Bands Style" in the Inputs Menu) the instances the Bollinger Bands are within the range of the Keltner channel (the market just entered a squeeze).

Featuring: customizable Moving Averages
1. Exponential (Default for both BB & KC)
2. Simple
3. RMA (MA used in RSI )

Keltner channels have a multiplier of 2 & 3 on the Chart (3 being the outer).
How do I use this indicator? Once the teal dots are inside the solid red lines this would indicate that TTMperiod of low market volatility (the market is preparing itself for an explosive move up or down). Do some research and study how to use the TTMSqueeze method by John Carter. Disclaimer: not a guarantee of future favorable results.
Updated KeltnerC default to Average True Range from True Range
Cover updated

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