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The Market Structure Volume Distribution tool allows traders to identify the strength behind breaks of market structure at defined price ranges to measure de correlation of forces between bulls and bears visually and easily.


This tool has three main features: market structure highlighting, grid levels, and volume profile. Each feature is covered more in depth below:

🔹 Market Structure

The basic unit of market structure is a swing point, the period of the swing point is user-defined, so traders can identify longer-term market structures. Price breaking a prior swing point will confirm the occurrence of a market structure.

The tool will plot a line after a market structure is confirmed, by default the lines on bullish MS will be green (indicative of an uptrend), and red in case of bearish MS (indicative of a downtrend).

🔹 Grid Levels

The Grid visually divides the price range contained inside the tool execution window, into equal size rows, the number of rows is user-defined so users can divide the full price range up to 100 rows.

The main objective of this feature is to help identify the execution window and the limits of each row in the volume profile so traders can know in a simple look what BoMS belongs to each row.

There is however another use for the grid, by dividing the range into equal-sized parts, this feature provides automatic support and resistance levels as good as any other.

Grid provides a visual help to know what our execution window is and to associate MS with their rows in the profile. It can provide S/R levels too.

🔹 Volume Profile

The volume profile feature shows in a visually easy way the volume behind each MS aggregated by rows and divided into buy and sell volume to spot the differences in a simple look.

This tool allows users to spot the liquidity associated with the event of a market structure in a specific price range, allowing users to know which price areas where associated with the most trading activity during the occurrence of a market structutre.


🔹 Data Gathering

  • Execute on all visible range: Activate this to use all visible bars on the calculations. This disables the use of the next parameter "Execute on the last N bars". Default false.
  • Execute on the last N bars: Use last N bars on the calculations. To use this parameter "Execute on all visible range" must be disabled. Values from 20 to 5000, default 500.
  • Pivot Length: How many bars will be used to confirm a pivot. The bigger this parameter is the fewer breaks of structure will detect. Values from 1, default 2

    🔹 Profile

  • Profile Rows: Number of rows in the volume profile. Values from 2 to 100, default 10.
  • Profile Width: Maximum width of the volume profile. Values from 25 to 500, default 200.
  • Profile Mode: How the volume will be displayed on each row. "TOTAL VOLUME" will aggregate buy & sell volume per row, "BUY&SELL VOLUME" will separate the buy volume from the sell volume on each row. Default BUY&SELL VOLUME.

    🔹 Style

  • Buy Color: This is the color for the buy volume on the profile when the "BUY&SELL VOLUME" mode is activated. Default green.
  • Sell Color: This is the color for the sell volume on the profile when the "BUY&SELL VOLUME" mode is activated. Default red.
  • Show dotted grid levels: Show dotted inner grid levels. Default true.
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