Money Heist

• This strategy is based off of Matthew Thayers Cashtrap Strategy.

• Market Timing markers based off of Evan Cabrals Market Timing Strategy.

• Psychological Support and Resistance Levels as well as 4 Hour High and Low Support and Resistance Levels.

• The Bollinger Bands will turn Red for Resistance and Green for Support when the Market is Consolidating. The bands will turn Red at the Bottom and Green at the Top when the Market is in a Heavy Trend.

• There is a 50 ema and 200 ema used to determine the trend of price and can also be used as support and resistance

• Two types of arrows can be used by heading to the settings and choosing one or the other. Either Conditional arrows based on a point system (3 being the highest) can be used or Regular CashTrap Arrows. Arrows should be used to confirm trade not as a the only reason to take a trade

Price should be below 50 EMA and 200EMA touching Top Red Bollinger Band at a Resistance level

Price should be above 50 EMA and 200EMA touching Bottom Green Bollinger Band at a Support Level

**This Strategy Is To Be Used With The Momentum RSI , Stochastic+, and RSI+**