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Trend gold signal Ema strategy

The system finds the best entries for a trade. Use in gold , all numbers have been customized for it.

T2 trend gold is the second version of my trading system. Be sure to check out the first part! This system gives a signal earlier.

Key signals
Buy -----> Blue triangle to buy
Sell -----> Red triangle to sell

I personally tested this system on my own trading and it helps me find entries for deals. The main thing is, if consolidation has begun, turn off the system, because the trading range is small at this moment, use oscillators

Thanks to everyone who supports me. Good luck to you friends
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發布通知: Last update for gold. New ema
發布通知: Tema-8 Fast-8 Slow-14 Length-9 for 1H or 4H or 1D (Gold, AUD, Bitcoin)
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