Multi Time Frame Heiken Ashi Candles by @DaviddTech

Multi Time Frame Heiken Ashi Candles Visual Strategy.

Inspired by a video on YouTube by TradePro I decided to backtest this strategy.

The Strategy : This strategy waits for all the lines to cross green or red to look for a an entry.
It seems to give good results on the 15 minute timeframe.
1. The Cloud - Confirmed with no repainting.
2. The Lines may repaint as the price movement changes.

Confluence with the RSI STOCHASTIC .
If you use the RSI STOCHASTIC you have 2 options.
1. Super Scalper - Where the strategy will enter on every cross <> the two levels.
2. Longer positions - One entry is made where the RSI STOCHASTIC the closest to the GREEN/RED Star.

- For purpose educate only
- Plots EMAs and other values on chart.
- This script to change bars colors.
發布通知: Change default settings.
發布通知: Add 7% as default_qty_value
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