Godmode 4.0.1 [Correlator]

First off, a huge thank you to the following people:


This is my second iteration of Godmode. This time I allowed the possibility to correlate two benchmarks against one another, thereby giving you twice the signals (once there's a strong correlation between the two, inverse or otherwise). That aside, there are no changes to this indicator that the first iteration doesn't have:
There are still more iterations planned, but if you guys have any ideas or wishes regarding what direction I go, then please let me know.

Want to Learn?

If you'd like the opportunity to learn Pine but you have difficulty finding resources to guide you, take a look at this rudimentary list:

The list will be updated in the future as more people share the resources that have helped, or continue to help, them. Follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the growing list of resources as well as any other scripts I publish.

Suggestions or Questions?

Don't even kinda hesitate to forward them to me. My (metaphorical) door is always open.


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