NSDT Scalping Channel

This script uses the highs and lows of the candles (instead of the close) to make a "channel" to reference while scalping.

Use the green lower line as a guide to go long and the red upper line as a guide to go short. You may use the lines as potential entry points and direction but you may want to consider exiting before the opposite colored line prints, as that may be too late. As always, entries and exits are at the discretion of each trader.

You will need to adjust the "Line Spacing" settings as you change instruments, chart timeframes, and/or volatility increases/decreases.
發布通知: By request, added the ability to set alert for long or short condition.
發布通知: Updated code to comply with new color transparency requirements in Pinescript.
發布通知: Added shading to area between lines, by request. Added 3 more multipliers between original ones to provide more flexibility on various instruments.
發布通知: Converted code to Pinescript V5. Per user request, added alert option for high crossing upper line and low crossing lower line.

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