xGhozt Consecutive Candle Count

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xGhozt Candle Count simply counts consecutive positive or negative candles, and allows you to get the live statistics of how many times this consecutive candle series occurred in the past, with the probabilities of the next candle to be a reversal, and the average past gains from that reversal. You can select the number of consecutive candles you're tracking, and select a start and end date. When your desired pattern is met by the indicator, it will indicate you on the chart if it's worth shorting or longing the next candle.
發布通知: Added the possibility to set up alerts when your consecutive candles patterns are met. To do so, go into the indicator's settings, select your time frame, the consecutive number of candles you are tracking, your success rate, and the number this pattern occurred in the past. Once it's done, open the alerts box, and set up your alerts accordingly.

You will have 2 options:
- Green Candles Followed by Red = short next candle.
- Red Candles Followed by Green = long next candle
發布通知: Typo in the indicator's name
發布通知: Removed useless parts of the code.

Redesigned labels.

Tidied alerts. You can now add alerts according to:
- Minimum past occurrences,
- Minimum success rate,
- Minimum average gain per trade.
發布通知: Edit code with alerts
發布通知: Minor UI update regarding label box, it is now further away from the last candle.