Margin Zones[kryptodude]

This indicator is based on the margin requirements of the CME exchange.
Zones act as support and resistance levels, which are more likely to have a price reaction.

The recommended zones for entering a position, as well as taking profits, are zones 50 and 100.

For example, you decide to open a short position on the +100 zone,
in which case it is recommended to place a stop-loss behind the zone.
Take-profit part at -50 and -100, based on the zones from the formed maximum at the +100 zone.

Select the currency pair and the exchange on which the indicator will work, For example BINANCE:BTCUSD
"Margin" (for example,now 68280, the next day the margin will be different)
"Tick cost" for BTC = 25 or 12.5
taken from the CME exchange.

"Price max"- High yesterday (for example 44451).
"Price min"- Low yesterday (for example 41280).
Please note, with strong volatility,
it is recommended to change the Tick cost instead of 25 to put 12.5

And also, only dots " . " not commas ", " work in the indicator.

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