Jarvis for ETHUSD by Goldman Armi

This strategy is called JARVIS after the famous AI from the MARVEL movie Iron Man.

It is an improvement of the Copernicus Strategy to get better results. More exactly I was aiming to obtain over 50% of the number of trades profitable, for every pair provided (see the title).

The strategy tester does not include leverage trading, please keep that in mind and feel free to change the parameters of the volume for the position in the strategy settings to see the closer to reality results.

The setup for this strategy is more complicated because it includes 3 averages, all of them calculated with prices obtain by various formulas for each one of them and I call this: Sophisticated Moving Average (Copyright). Each of the 3 averages are applied to different timeframes and have different values. All of these parameters are configured separately for every trading pair and this is why I am publishing them separately.

There are not a lot of trades in this strategy, the average is around 1/month.

You can use the Tradingview alert services to configure this to execute (webhook) on your exchange/broker, because strategies have now the possibility to send alerts.

For other questions please send me a message.

To define trading is to limit trading. Goldman Armi

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