MACD Long Strat

First script I've written, but the concept is pretty simple. This uses the MACD with settings fast_SMA = 6 and slow SMA=16 and uses the distance between the 2 (histogram) to look for potential trend reversals to flag potential entries for Long trades. It waits for the confirmation looking backward 2 x timeframes (to reduce false calls slightly). You can adjust it to open / close quicker (1 timeframe instread of 2) but backtesting shows 2 timeframe delay is best to avoid false signals.

The script suggests Long entry points based on this criteria and uses the converse (reducing histogram / SMA difference delayed by 2 timeframes) to suggest exit or trade close points for downward reversal. It was originally written looking at 1m scalps but backtesting shows this is even more effective on higher timeframes (1D).


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