Vdub FX SniperVX3 / Strategy Alerts Beta

This is nothing other than a simple alert script I created for Vdub FX Sniper VX3 / Strategy by Vdubus

Thank you to WillowGoLightly for coming to me with the idea.

Change Log:
  • Removed plots & layover
  • Added a simple alert indicator to match original

Be sure to give Vdubus a big thanks!

Original Sniper Script by Vdubus:

Disclaimer: I have never used this indicator or alert script. There may be several unknown bugs. If found, please feel free to comment below and I will attempt to fix them. Use at your own risk.
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Hi there, I just tried your Sniper in real-time trading and noticed that it showed me a few hours age the signal to buy, then signal to sell with small loss. Its okay Im testing it. But now that signal and that deal just disappeared from orderbook. How is that possible?
oh92 Iliamikhlik
@Iliamikhlik, it is called repainting. Unfortunately I am not the creator of this indicator and merely created the alerts for a friend. I regret allowing this indicator to even show up under my page. Maybe one day I will have time to rid of the repainting error. However it’s “back-test probability” will be significantly lower. Please get ahold of the original creator listed above to see if he has fixed this issue
it's using security() and pine v2, therefor its repainting and can not be used in live trading without refreshing the chart manually
where is the script that tells the system to erase all the bad trades using code "20/20 hindsight"?
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Thanks brother!
Thanks brother!
Hi buddy. Would you mind sharing how to apply alerts to it?
I'm not very familiar with pine editing
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Wishing I tested this before publishing. Just ran a test and this indicator gives different/addtional signals in real time. Use with extreme caution.
Real Time:

@oh92, Just tested it my self in real time from jan 1st. It makes some strange decisions. Any fix coming up for that?
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@oh92, That's because the strategy cheats

I suggest put a big fat edit at the top of this post
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