MACD 50x Leveraged Short Strategy with Real Equity

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Hello there ,
Short version of the Macd Long strategy.
MACD Long strategy:

Adding margin: Forbidden or not specified. (Add Margin : No)

  • Position size: (for each trade) 1%
  • Stop-Loss: (2% Above Entry Level)
  • Long: macd crossunder
  • Exit: macd crossover

Or ofc touching the stop-Loss value as predicted.
These strategies are just examples.
The goal is to observe true equity and equity change.

Warning: This strategy simulation is for Short direction only.
Update : Net capital bug fixed.
We forgot to add principal position size if we win. (Line 92)
The previous version was wrong.
Because this algorithm saw the starting position size as a loss. ( It was only taking into account the profit on position size.)

I also designed the percentage profit calculation much simpler.
I will do this update when I have enough time.

NOTE : My last script needs same update and its a bit complicated. It is easy but i want my codes to be simple and understandable.
Both the percentage profit command I specified and the place that is wrong and fixed in these two scripts will be fixed in the duplex macd system.
I'll update him when I have time.
My last script :
The old version was correct.
Because change (strategy.position size) is used.
There is no need to add principal position size again.

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