[-_-] Volatility Calibrated ATR

An indicator based on ATR adjusted for volatility of the market. It uses Heikin Ashi data to find short and long opportunities and displays a dynamic stop loss level. Additionally, it has alerts for when the trend changes (which is an entry signal).

How it works:
It works by dynamically calculating the Period for ATR which depends on current volatility level that is calculated by a function that uses Standard Deviation of price. ATR is then smoothed by Weighted Moving Average and multiplied by ATR Factor, resulting in a plot that changes its colour to red when we're in a downtrend and green when in an uptrend. This plot should be used as a dynamic Stop Loss level. Trend change is determined by price crossing the dynamic Stop Loss level. The squared red and green labels appear when the trend changes, and should be used as Entry signals.

- Source -> data used for calculations
- ATR Factor -> higher values produce less noise and longer trends, lower values give more signals

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