Trendalix Entries

This script is made to simplify the analysis of trends. It changes the mas based on whether you're looking at stocks or crypto. As these 2 markets currently move differently, they need a slightly different approach.

Crypto trends:
Can move much faster than stocks. Ideally the price should be bouncing above the williams alligators (about the 20-30 MAs).

These swing more than crypto so you need to get deep into these swing to be buying at the bottom of a move. The MAs are much larger, between the 50ma and 400ma. It's much more important here that the slower MAs are strong, i.e 200ma is above the 400ma, than it is that the faster MAs are okay.

For stocks an entry and stop line is drawn. These are only visible when the market is sufficiently in a pullback.
發布通知: updated the stocks sell line to hold in the trend longer but move up quicker when needed

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