Crypto Fox Alert of Ann Strategy No Repaint

Hello traders
This is (( sirolf's ANN Indicator)) i updated it to (( No Repaint Version )) and it still have very good results

The new in strategy : -

1 - The Indicatoris no repaint now in any time frame

2- Now Indicatorhave two time frames which make you control strategy in entry and exit positions and you can change it as you want .

3- I recommended so much working in 5 min time frame and 15 min time frame to get the best results

but in the same time the Indicator is working in all time frames this just my advice for traders

4- I recommend so much using take profit and stop loss to avoid huge movements in markets


--This Indicator Never Ever Repaint so it based on no repaint parameters.

--When using this alert you must notice this points :

1 - when you but the alert in the chart you will get this message :

( this indicator may be repaint ) and this for using time frame but this normal and dont worry of that

the indicator will never repaint .

2 - ( BUY) this the choice for enter long position .

3 - ( SELL) this the second choice you can use it to enter short position or exit long position .

4 - ( per bar close ) you must always use this option in alert conditions page .