LNL Keltner Exhaustion

LNL Keltner Exhaustion resolves the constant issue of Bands vs. EMAs

With the keltner exhaustion wedges , you can easily see the keltner channel extremes witout using the actual bands. That way, you will know whether the price is outside of the keltner channels + you can use other indicators (such as EMAs) on chart without the bands so the chart does not look messy & hard to read.

Two Types of Wedges:
1. Green/Red Wedge - Price action is extended outside the regular band. More of a "profit taking" zone rather than "entry taking" (default set to 3.0 ATR factor).
2. Purple Wedge - Price action is extended outside of the extreme band. Chances are price will revert to mean soon (default set to 4.0 ATR factor).

Works great as a target tool with the squeeze setup or as an overall extension gauge.

Hope it helps.


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