rt maax EMA cross strategy

this just sample of our strategies we published with open source, to learning our investor the way of trading and analysis, this strategy just for study and learning
in this strategy we use expontial moving avarage 20 , 50 , 200 and the we build this strategy when the price move up ema 200 and ema 20,50 cross up the 200 ema in this conditions the strargey will open long postion

and the oppisit it is true for short postion in this sitation the price should be under ema 200 and the ema 20 , 50 should cross under 200 ema then the strategy will open the short postion

we try this strategy on forex ,crypto and futures and it give us very good result ,, also we try this postion on multi time frame we find the stragey give us good result on 1 hour time frame .

in the end our advice for you before you use any stratgy you should have the knowledg of the indecators how it is work and also you should have information about the market you trade and the last news for this market beacuse it effect so much on the price moving .

so we hope this strategy give you brefing of the way we work and build our strategy

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