Trend Indicator

This indicator has different features:
1. Ichimoku = this indicator can plot Ichimoku calculated both in the common formula and with the volume average, you can choose the calculator method for each line.
2. Channel and Bands = this mode allows the user to choose from channel and band, "channel" shows the Keltner channel, and "band" shows the Bollinger bands. Both the indicators are calculated including the volume in the formula of the average midpoint.
3. Color candle = this function allows the user to see two different colors of candles on the chart, the positive color occurs when both the long-term average and the short team average of price calculated using the volume is above the two averages calculated without the volume. This function is great to analyze the volume pressure, useful to identify trend continuation and exhaustion.
4. Extreme reversal zones = this is a version of the Keltner channels calculated over a high number of candles and with high deviation, to identify the potential zones of reversal.
Note that in the "Ichimoku" indicator, the backline is the T.R.A.M.A. indicator, created and published open source by Lux Algo, which I thank for the script.


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