Ichimoku Buy/Sell Signals of manual MTF Tenkan crossing Kijun

Ichimoku Buy/Sell Signals based on fast, small time frame Tenkans crossing longer timeframes Kijuns - Manual MTF Analysis

This code marks the potential change of direction based on the input of one timeframe's Ichimoku Tenkan (conversion) line crossing over a higher, longer timeframe's Ichimoku Kijun (base) line.
Feel free to change the inputs if need be and to hide the yellow box. Use Ichimoku rules of Tenkan, Kijun, Lagging Span, and Cloud for Take profit/Stop Losses. It is best to wait 3-5 minutes after the signal to enter to confirm the trend and to confirm if the Lagging Span has broken key levels. I refer to the book Trading with Ichimoku - A Practical Guide to Low-Risk Ichimoku Strategies by Karen Peloille as the Ichimoku rulebook. Good luck.

For day trading/scalping/intraday - 1min/3min/5min

Tenkan Line Timeframe = 1min

Kijun Line Timeframe = 5min

For swing trading - multiple days/weeks - 4HR/Daily/Weekly Charts

Tenkan Line Timeframe = day

Kijun Line Timeframe = week
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發布通知: added "Important" notes of including wither MTF Ichimoku Cloud by anthonyf50 of MTF ICHINOKU by Kivanc0zbilgic
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發布通知: added Kijun bounces of current timeframes shown.
發布通知: Changed Labels on Kijun Bounces to only arrows. Major KJ bounces are manual input. Normal KJ bounces are based on current timeframe.
發布通知: Removed Higher timeframe Kijun bounces - one can just switch between timeframes for that
發布通知: Added Chokou (lagging span) kijun breaks/bounce symbols
Removed advice
Cleaned up code
發布通知: - Hardcoded 5min Kijun and 15 min Kijun as strong support and resistance
- Added BUY CLOUD DIPS and SELL CLOUD RIPS signals for the 1 min timeframe only. These signals show when the 5min Kijun breaks below the 1 min bullish cloud, showing strong bullish continuation, or the 5 min Kijun breaks above the 1 min bearish cloud, showing strong bearish continuation.
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Removed Kijun acceptance/rejections to focus more on the lagging span Kijun acceptance/rejection
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