Extended Parallel Channels

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This indicator provides an enhanced version of the popular Parallel Channel tool by allowing channel boundaries to be extended above and below the primary channel. It can also serve as a general tool for drawing parallel lines and grid lines to aid technical analysis.

🟠 Application

There are two primary ways extended channels can provide valuable insights:

🔵 Support and Resistance Levels

When prices break out of a channel, they often encounter strong resistance at approximately the 100% extension point. Breakout traders can utilize the extended channel boundary to place take-profit orders. Meanwhile, reversal traders can look for entry opportunities at this level.

🔵 Grid / Martingale Trading

Grid Trading and Martingale Trading strategies rely heavily on grid lines. This indicator streamlines that process by enabling traders to effortlessly plot grid lines across the chart.

🟠 Instructions

Upon adding the indicator, the user will be prompted to set the channel boundaries by placing three anchor points on the chart. The first two anchors determine one boundary line, while the third anchor determine the other boundary line.

Once the three anchors are positioned, the indicator automatically plots the resulting channel as well as the extended lines. The anchor points are highlighted as movable blue circles, allowing the user to dynamically adjust the channel formation by dragging the anchors to new locations as needed.
Added support for retaining the same channels when switching the chart to a higher timeframe.


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