Volatility Stop Strategy (by Coinrule)

Traders often use the volatility stop to protect trades dynamically, adjusting the stop price gradually based on the asset's volatility .

Just like the volatility stop is a great way to capture trend reversals on the downside, the opposite applies as well. Therefore, another useful application of the volatility stop is to add it to a trading system to signal potential trend reversals to catch a good buy opportunity.


- When the price crosses above the Volatility Stop


- When the price crosses below the Volatility Stop

For this strategy, the Volatility stop's multiplier is set to 3 to allow more flexibility to the trade. The strategy is designed for medium-term trades.

Based on the backtest result from a sample of crypto trading pairs, the most profitable time frame is the 2-hr.

The strategy works well with both crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs. To make results more realistic, a trading fee of 0.1% is added to the script. The fee is aligned to the base fee applied on Binance.


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