B3 20/50 Mean

Simple MA's 20 and 50 are averaged to produce a mean MA line. I like the smoothness of it, and it can help you stay in a trade in the slow moving trends. Also if you start to see a large cloud in your favor, it could be a great time take the profits.


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love this! thanks!
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HammondB3 Hociemocie
@Hociemocie, Nice I am into the smoother MA's myself, like this one and also:
Hello, thank you very much for the indicator, it is fantastic the average and the smoothness you get, by chance you will have MT4 ?
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HammondB3 PabloFX
@PabloFX, I do have this study in .mq5 form. I am not familiar with T-View's policy on cross pollination of platform languages. Before I would share that with you, I would like to make sure I am in compliance.
Hi, I really liked your work, tell me how to make an alert for a trend change?
HammondB3 lemoon38
@lemoon38, You can do this by selecting the Alert Tab at the top of tradingview's chart. Then select the symbol in the top box, and then crosses up, then 20:50mean, then to the right of that "mean" then set your frequency. :) Hope this helps. To code in the alerts it needs to be converted to version 4 pinescript
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